What is coziness and how can it improve your life

What is coziness and how can it improve your life

Take a break. Relax. Go make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, we are not here to judge) and get cozy.  

How many times have you seen or heard: “get cozy”?  

And when you think about being cozy what are you picturing? Is it yourself wrapped up in a blanket watching a movie? Someone watering their plants while having lo-fi beats in the background? Or getting on the balcony to read a book.  

Well, all those are valid answers for getting cozy. But what exactly is coziness and how can it improve your life? Let’s find out!  

What is coziness and where did it come from?  

The idea of coziness is not new under the sun. However, for the last couple of years, a better version of the word came around the corner. And like any other good thing regarding lifestyle, it comes from the Scandinavians.  

So, say hello to hygge, the Danish word that the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being, regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture” or the short version: coziness.  

We know that Denmark is well known for its happy inhabitants, so they know what they’re talking about. Hygge is more than just an excuse to hibernate or redecorate. Hygge could also be a way to feel happier during an otherwise dark and cold season or a dark period of our lives.  

At the core of it, coziness is a serotonin booster. And it is not only about scented candles, blankets, and warm socks. It’s also about slowing down to enjoy. Being available for people that matter and looking to get deeper into your relationships. Making the necessary time for your hobbies and not rushing everywhere you go. It’s about your interior comfort as much as it’s about the exterior.  

But why is coziness or hygge good for you?  

Isn’t it just some old capitalistic way of making you buy more?  

Not necessarily.  

cozy space

How can coziness improve your life? 

Now that we know what coziness is, let’s see how it can improve your life:  

It gives you positive emotions 

As we mentioned, coziness is a serotonin booster. We thrive on positive emotions and meaningful relationships. Hygge is all about spending quality time with your loved ones and making sure every second matters.  

Happy relationships mean happy people and positive emotions mean driven individuals. What are some positive emotions that you’d like to feel more often and what can you do to fuel them?  

It calms you down 

Now more than ever it seems like everywhere we look we see stressful situations. Something needs to be done, tasks need to be finished, you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer, or you missed the bus and now you are running late. Stress, stress, and stress again.  

This leads to you feeling agitated and angry every time something goes wrong. However, if you take the proper time to relax and do things that you enjoy, missing the bus will seem like another opportunity to read a few more pages of your favorite book. You can’t go on and on with the stress of daily life. You sometimes need to stop and find mechanisms that will calm you down. 

cozy place

It helps to cope with the blues 

Socializing, finding meaningful activities, finding the time to go for a walk, or even grinding your coffee are small actions that this coziness lifestyle encourages. And it’s not all about living a romanticized life – it's about helping with the blues.  

Often, we acknowledge that we are feeling down but don’t do anything about it. We just put on sad music and look at endangered pandas. But what if we shifted that to doing small activities that will make us feel better?  

What is your go-to activity for a boost of positive energy? 

You work it from within  

You don’t have to go shopping right now to shift your life to a cozier one. No matter how many fluffy blankets you buy, it won’t do the trick (we’ve tried). Coziness and hygge must come from within. It starts with you feeling more relaxed. With you prioritizing things. With you taking time off the screen. 

Blankets won’t bring you that. No matter how much external warmth they would provide, it’s nothing compared to the interior warmth that coziness brings.  

It encourages healthy habits  

Hygge is all about less screen time. Less stress. More meaningful activities. More physical activity. A healthier way of eating and feeling.  

It encourages healthy habits like not feeling guilty about taking a break. Or relaxing and enjoying a day off. It provides the space and the lifestyle in which less is more. 

We saw what coziness is and how you can benefit from it, but what is the best cozy recipe? Most people say that is a tasty hot chocolate, seeing and hearing a crackling fire, a hug from a loved one, and the smell of fresh bread.  

We tend to agree but the great thing is that you can make your cozy recipe. What would it look like for you?