How it started

Hi! We are Marian and Bogdan, two best friends from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

With a passion for tinkering and computers, we started working together on an online store while in high-school. 

We always liked fireplaces, as they resembled the stoves our grandparents used to have at the countryside when we were little. However, you can’t have that in your apartment, right? 

Coziness in a box

In 2014, we saw an opportunity in distributing a fireplace brand from the USA, so we dived into the industry.

Not entirely satisfied with the products we were offering, we decided to take a leap of faith and create our own fireplaces, tailored to the European market. In 2018, TAGU was born.

We used our know-how to create better products, having a single thing in mind: to simplify the authentic fireplace experience, so anyone can turn their home into a comfy feeling. 

Making it happen

In November 2018, we shipped our first TAGU fireplace. Fast forward a few years, we’ve made 50.000 homes cozier with our well-designed, reliable and affordable electric fireplaces. The 1800+ positive ratings we have received across Europe, on Amazon and other marketplaces, stand as proof to that.

Things we care about


The “less is more” principle is at the core of everything we do. Our products are simple, elegant, easy to assemble, and our services are a match. Whether it’s placing an order or contacting customer support, we've made everything simple and straightforward.


We strive for perfection and are obsessed with every detail to ensure that everything is efficient, relevant, user-friendly and will stand the test of time. This applies both to design and quality, because each TAGU product is both our pride and our responsibility.

A magical experience

TAGU fireplaces are meant to bring everyday magic to your home by creating a cozy atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Life’s better when sprinkled with moments of happiness, in which there’s a fireplace in the background.