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It's difficult to describe what coziness means and what effect it has on one’s wellbeing. So we need your help to do it.

With your reach and popularity, you’ll be able to show your friends and followers how to include a TAGU fireplace in their existing decór and make their homes more welcoming.

Cozy content

You’ll use your creativity and ingenuity to put together cozy setups and engage with your audience on what coziness means to them. Everyone loves to see how everyday life activities become magical when a fireplace is in the background. 

Sounds instagrammable, doesn’t it? 📷🔥


As a TAGU ambassador, you have the opportunity to get a TAGU fireplace, which will make your home and future posts look even more special. 

Also, our campaigns allow you to earn money whenever people from your community decide to embark on their coziness journey and purchase a TAGU fireplace.


Sounds interesting?